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We believe that waxing needs to be done in the cleanest possible way to ensure client safety and satisfaction.  We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our rooms and WE NEVER DOUBLE DIP!

Check out our package prices below! The more frequently you come for a service, the more you’ll save! If you don’t see the right package for you, please call- we have more prices available at the studio!

There is no need to feel you are taking a risk with your brows or bikini waxing when you come to gobare like other places that wax.  We are the waxing experts! gobare is dedicated to your beauty!

Things to consider before waxing…

We understand that many first time clients don’t know what to expect during an appointment and we will gladly walk you through it and make your experience as comfortable, clean, and as fast as possible. We have a few tips listed below to answer some of the most commonly asked waxing questions.

For body waxing clients (bikini, legs, under arms, etc.), we recommend 3 weeks worth of hair growth before coming in for your appointment. This will ensure that the hair is the right length for removal and your results will feel great and last a lot longer. If you have more than 3 weeks worth of hair growth, we will trim the hair to the appropriate length during your appointment if necessary.

Those who are using acne medication, anti-aging products, or who have recently used any form of antibiotic should disclose this information to their waxologist before their treatment. It may be necessary to use different methods so that you have the best results possible without irritation.

We also understand the importance of well-groomed and shaped brows. If you have challenging brows (sparse growth, overgrowth, hair that grows in all directions) don’t despair! We can help you maximize your brow potential. We also specialize in first time clients who have never had their brows waxed or shaped before.

The most frequently asked question we are asked by clients is what is the difference between a regular bikini wax and a Brazilian wax?

A bikini wax involves removing any hair from what would be found outside of bikini bottoms-along the inside thighs and sometimes along the bottom of your abdomen.

A Brazilian wax removes all hair that would be found under brief underwear-from front to back-that’s right ladies- ALL OF IT. Some clients opt to leave a small strip of hair in the front.

All clients are welcome to upgrade from a bikini to Brazilian wax at any time. Just let your waxologist know and we will gladly accommodate what you would like to do for your service.

During your appointment, your waxologist will go over any recommended home care, for before and after waxing, to maximize your treatment results. If you have any other specific questions, we will gladly assist you when you call to book your appointment.

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  • Brow Wax/Threading….$18
  • Brow Tweezing…..$25
  • Lip Wax/Threading……$12
  • Chin Wax/Threading……$10
  • Brow/Lip or Chin……$25
  • Brow/Lip and Chin……$32
  • Sides of Face……$15
  • Nose……$5
  • Neck……$10-15
  • Underarms……$17
  • Half Arm……$20
  • Full Arm……$40
  • Abdomen……$15-30
  • Chest……$45+
  • Back……$45-60
  • Hands or Feet……$10
  • Lower Legs……$40
  • Upper Legs……$45
  • Full Leg……$70
  • Bikini/French Cut…….$25-40
  • Brazilian……$60+ (We do not offer men’s Brazilians waxing)
  • Patches……$5
  • Full Leg w/Bikini…….$80  (1/2 leg $55)
  • Full Leg w/Brazilian…….$100  (1/2 leg $80)

Men’s Waxing:

  • Brows……$12-18
  • Chest…..$45
  • Back Wax…..$45-60
  • Full Arm…..$45
  • Half Arm……$25
  • Full Leg…..$70
  • Upper Legs……$45
  • Lower Legs…..$40


We are happy to customize a waxing package for you and the services that you would like to bundle. If you don’t see a package that fits your needs listed below, stop in or call for customized pricing!

  • Brow Waxes…..6 for $72 OR 12 for $120
  • Brow/Lip or Chin…..6 for $110 OR 12 for $180
  • Basic Bikini…..6 for $120 OR 12 for $205
  • Brazilian Waxes…..6 for $275 OR 12 for $485

*Additional Packages available in store!

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